Areas of my work

peer mentoring

The bulk of my work is around peer mentoring first-year college students. I manage a team of 40 peer mentors that work with faculty teaching a first year seminar course across 8 disciplines at the College. My responsibilities include day-to-day management, training design and delivery, and program evaluation.

faculty development

My work also involves working with faculty who teach the first year seminar and capstone courses. My goal is to create spaces for integration, collaboration, feedback, and environments conducive to developing pedagogical tools for teaching and learning in and outside the classroom.

leadership development

Student development is part of my portfolio. I am actively engaged in promoting the professional development of both peer mentors and students. Currently, I work on bridging two peer mentoring programs and in developing collaborative work. Additionally, I am involved in a leadership development program for current students.

data & assessment

Numbers make a difference. I currently manage the student satisfaction survey data administered to students who take the first year seminar course. Moreover, I work on developing additional data collection sources for assessment purposes for two peer mentoring programs. My work involves both qualitative and quantitative data.