Easter at Harlem

Easter at Harlem is New York City is a unique experience. First, it is an adventure to see church goers patiently wait in line to get into a service; elegantly dressed, sometimes they are told the service is at full capacity and cannot allow anyone else in. Also, for tourists or even photographers is an interesting story-telling driven emotion that transcends.  

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Faces at 5Pointz

A photographer once told me: "always research the place you'll photograph, and see what have to see through those photos." When I knew we'd photograph 5Pointz in Long Island City, I looked up online and found amazing shots. From shots with extensive details, to landscape graffiti, to engagement session with graffiti as background. My challenge then was clear: what creative of theme-driven view could I possibly photograph?


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Grand Central 100 Times

Photographing Grand Central can be a very exciting experience to any photographer. In fact, I recommend you google the first three words in this post to discover the amazing work done. Yet, that may not as exciting as photographing Grand Central in its 100th birthday. Yes, GC has been long enough here in New York to transport riders back and forth for generations. This 2013, GC is kicking off the celebration with a museum to show everyone how it works, how it looked like 50 years ago and much more.

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am starting out in photography, I am reading much about it but recently I have come across a tip that all of my sources have in common: go out and shoot as much as you need to. It is true, going out to shoot at various places gives you the chance to grasp and understand concepts that you may not as likely to get while reading a book at the comfort of your place, or a library. Read More