I am starting out in photography, I am reading much about it but recently I have come across a tip that all of my sources have in common: go out and shoot as much as you need to. It is true, going out to shoot at various places gives you the chance to grasp and understand concepts that you may not as likely to get while reading a book at the comfort of your place, or a library.

So, I did it. Perhaps there is not more excitement than living in New York City, huh? I packed up my Nikon D90, my lenses, my ML-L3 for long exposures shots. I also included my NYI PhotoWorld credential (provided to all students) just in case. Of course, never forget your tripod.

The most useful tip I could give to anyone who is visiting this city and who wants to taste different locations is to get an unlimited Metro Card (obviously someone who is going to stay that long). It isn’t different for an amateur photographer just like me. I grabbed mine and went from Queens where I currently live and headed to Astoria, Broadway station with the N or Q train and walked towards the Triborough Bridge right where Shore Boulevard is, and took a couple of shots.

I took this shot at the top of this page with a 1 minute long exposure. I had been practicing and shooting a lot before getting this final result. I probably stayed at the shore for about an hour.

Once done, I moved on to my next location. Walking back to the train station, I notice how cool it would be to get a long exposure of the highway leading to the bridge. I walked upstairs at the Broadway station and then realized that the view was actually nice. Not too many people to disturb by walking in the middle the shot was a plus. I set up my tripod and proceeded to shoot.

Triboro bridge, Queens, NY.

Again, I used a long exposure, 30 seconds this time. Although I liked the shot, the lights from the station itself interfered a bit when making a longer exposure, therefore I kept it at 30 only. While making this adjustments, I realized how much the experience of shooting out there is valued. I wouldn’t have learned the few tips and things I learned if I hadn’t grabbed my stuff and got out there to shoot.

I didn’t have anything else, only my gear and my Metro Card, unlimited rides gave me unlimited chances for learning.