Faces at 5Pointz

Faces in 5Pointz.

A photographer once told me: "always research the place you'll photograph, and see what others have done through those photos." When I knew we'd photograph 5Pointz in Long Island City, I looked up online and found amazing shots. From extensive details, to landscape graffiti, to engagement sessions with graffiti as background. My challenge then was clear: what view could I possibly photograph?

My recent workshop with photographer Roberta Fineberg prompted participants to think of story-telling as their main project. With approximately one hour to shoot, we had to find a way to tell a story by photographing the graffiti at 5Pointz.

Since I became interested in photography, already 4 years ago, and since I decided to move my passion beyond a hobby and shoot more and more, I became attracted to portrait shots and how the eyes tell a story and transcend emotions. Why not taking this approach? I said. I did. Faces and expressions are what I looked for in the graffiti. The emotions and expressions I found are countless, from seduction, to anger, drama, and confusion.

I hope you enjoy this small selection. Amazing pieces of art living on the street waiting for pedestrians to stop and view, nothing else.