Grand Central 100 Times

Grand Central, New York City.

  Photographing Grand Central can be a very exciting experience to any photographer. In fact, I recommend you google the first three words in this post to discover the amazing work that has already been done. Yet, that may not as exciting as photographing Grand Central in its 100th birthday. Yes, GC has been long enough here in New York to transport riders back and forth for generations. This 2013, GC is kicking off the celebration with an exhibition to show everyone how it works, how it looked like 50 years ago and much more.

Last Sunday, we photographed Grand Central with photographer Roberta Fineberg, our challenge was to assume constraints and work with them. I decided to shoot with my 18-105 mm lens rent though I could have used my 35 mm but decided not to. Ranging from the movement of people running to catch their trains, a landscape view of the main concourse, or the marvelous architectural view that the large windows and the immense ceiling offer to visitors, a great shot can be captured.