Adventures in Central Park

Rather than seeing the bench itself, looking at the form and shape creates a different perspective. Click to view image.

Central Park. Click to view image.

In the last few Spark Your Creativity workshops, we have visited Central Park for a photo hunt. Hidden in the center of Manhattan, Central Park can take your adventurous journey to a different level. Whether it is for a relaxing walk, a healthy jogging session, a walk with your dog, or a refreshing bike ride, Central Park offers a natural scenery. 

The Challenge

The group had a photo hunt list of features to look for; things like a ray of light, a close up of a leaf, foot paths, and large rocks as sculptures in the wild, and of course even more. The list served everyone as a guide to searching for other things that may capture their interest and make them appreciate art in different ways of expression.

The Shots

All the shots shared in this post come from different workshops, it will definitely take you more than a day to walk around this great place. Enjoy.

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