6 Must-Have iPhone Apps to Start Off 2014


This 2013 will be over in just a few hours, and you must start the new one recharged and fully equipped with everything you need to be more productive. As much as I have read how much phones deviate us from having actual conversations and interacting with the real world in countless circumstances, I truly believe that utilizing your phone effectively and productively can make your life easier. So, here you have some of the top apps I can't stay without and which have become essential in my day to day life. I'll assume your phone already has the social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, so leaving those aside, here we go.

1. Wunderlist.

This is a must for anyone. Great to-do app. I like the interface and how easy it is to add items. You are able to sync across devices so any item I add on my phone gets automatically updated on my mac upon syncing. There are some issues with iOS devices, however, but that doesn't take away the versatility of the app. I have tried multiple to-do apps and by far this is one of the best. I like how you can create sub-tasks plus add comments to each item.

* Available for most phones for free

2. Flipboard.

A great resource to gather as much stuff as you want. Definitely the feature to create your own magazine and curate content is by far one that makes this app unique. I concentrate on three basic topics when curating: education, photography, and social media. I am able to read and share all the resources I find helpful. It is currently synced with both my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so that I instantly share good stuff.

3. Pocket.

This app allows me to save content from the web and read it offline. It comes very handy when skimming through that interesting article while walking into the subway station. At least it happens to me. While my day gets busier and busier, I have to find ways to do things even when I am offline. Actually, working offline is a feature I always look upon whenever I have a new app in front of me. Some down sides is that you have to be careful when saving stuff that must be viewed upon login, or a video which may not be available to stream. In a general rule, it is extremely helpful for a daily reading.

* Available for most phones and browsers

4. Pages.

Now that it is offered for free, this app enables you edit and share document across all devices. Once you sign in with your iCloud account, you'll be able to edit a document on your phone and continue editing on your mac or iPad. The recently added new features allow users to make comments and collaborate on the same document via a new share feature. One of my favorite features is the ability to share a PDF, MS Word, or Pages version of the document with anyone you want.

* Available for iOS devices

5. Lumosity.

This is quite an interesting discovery I made earlier this summer. This is a series of games to train your brain in many areas such as concentration, attention, flexibility, problem solving, memory, and more. All you have to do is create a profile and target the areas you want to improve on and the app will suggest areas to reinforce what you need. Progressively, you will see how you improve by playing the games every day for less than ten minutes, just like having your brain work-out everyday. Even though you can have a Pro membership, I have gained a lot with the free account.

* Available for iPhone and web-based

6. Temple Run 2.

Sometimes productivity can take the meaning of "fun." I take this for sure. This is one of the apps I always have fun with. Besides putting your motion in practice, it offers great features such as running with Usain Bolt. It, from time to time, adds new cool challenges and treats that will make you have this as the go-to game app on your phone. Plus, I don't like Candy Crush.

* Available for most phones

Of course there are more apps. The list can go on and on. But, it has always come to me that quality is better than quantity. Always strive for fewer apps that enable you to do more than more apps that take up your phone's memory. Still, if you wish to recommend, there is a commenting space just below.

Image: Sean MacEntee on Flickr



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