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How Can Technology Help? Or, Can It At All?

Technology is becoming more central to our lives. We are now able to do more with fewer resources. For example, we are now able to do more things with our phones than just placing a call. We have higher availability of devices and software to maximize our time and boost our productivity as long as we know how to do it effectively, of course. But I want to focus on how technology becomes particularly interesting in two specific and traditional circumstances we may be quite familiar with: being a college student and learning to communicate. Based on these two, let’s discuss what the involvement of technology implies and whether it is helpful at all.

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Technology And Traditional Learning

Recently in one of my classes, we've been talking about the introduction of technology in the classroom. In their book titled Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America (2009), Allan Collins and Richard Halverson give an insightful overview of how education is changing and also give space to arguments from both enthusiasts and skeptics about technology.

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Do You Have an Online Tattoo?

I have never been a fan of tattoos, but an online one? Today, many online platforms have become online profiles we create as we move along, representations of who we are and what we do that permits us to reach people beyond our physical means. There is one personal such as Facebook, one more professional such as LinkedIn, one more informal such as Twitter, you name it. Even ePortfolio is a way to present yourself (and your academic work) to an online community of people. But in these days when people take into account whether you're on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social platform (because they take for granted that you're on Facebook already), one must stop and think what is its relevance and how they can affect us.

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