Improve Your Daily Productivity with Life Graphy

Want to see how productive your day can get? Read on. 

Recently, I've been using Life Graphy, as a tool to keep track of things on a daily basis. It happens to be very helpful especially because I am able to see what I accomplish each day.

Between school, work, photography, family and other things (not on that order specifically), I get overwhelmed easily so I always strive to find tools that allow me to both remember things and keep track of them in the long run. And Life Graphy is a perfect fit for this.

Here's how to use it.

Start by creating tasks to practice and set them up with a long term goal date or even without one. Then assign a day for each task to occur throughout the week and start keeping track. You can also think of these as habits, or any thing that you want to accomplish. For instance, one for me is to "drink 2 bottles of water" every day. 

Set the app to remind you at beginning of the day to remind you of what you need to accomplish in that day. Then, tap on each item assigned as if checking them off. You'll see how your day looks like once you've done everything you were supposed to. Finally, jump into the calendar view to see how you did at the end of the week or month (like the picture on the top right). This is a great productivity tool, go check it out

Do you use Life Graphy, too? Are there any other apps you recommend? Let me know in the comments below. 

A capture of what my March month looks like so far.

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