Two Reasons Why Having Your Own Website Will Help You

Having an online presence is key to growing both personally and professionally. ( Photo Source:  Personal Collection)

Having an online presence is key to growing both personally and professionally. (Photo Source: Personal Collection)

Gone are the days when you only had to hand in your one page resume, now things have moved online where you can expand and showcase your skills and abilities without limits.

I started this website many years ago, I bought my domain and was determined to making it my own space where people could find stuff about me. The first challenge I faced, however, was what information to put and how to tailor content to make it representative of who I am, the kind of work I do, and the skills I own. After months of looking at other personal sites, I finally figured out what content to showcase; it was now time to start working on it.

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Having a personal website really allows you to put your feet on the online world. It gives everyone the opportunity to get to know who you are and how you create your authority by showing your insights about a certain topic. In her course "Personal Branding Basics," Lorrie Thomas Ross explains how sharing content that's relevant to your network of colleagues isn't as powerful as when sharing it with your insights and reflections. Sharing your voice shows your level of expertise which can make a difference if the visitor reading your content happens to be a recruiter or any other professional in the field.

But I think there are two particular reasons you'll enjoy by having your own website. 

Personal Growth

Whether you're a photographer, writer, or from any other field, exposing your views on things that are relevant to that field is key for your own personal development. Many people open blogs just to document their journeys or to tell stories. You can see how much you grow on different levels. This is not only accomplished by having a website, though. Different social media platforms will allow you to share your own interests but having a site will give you more space to be both creative and expand those interests. 

Professional Opportunities

According to Susan P. Joyce, a writer for the Huffington Post, 80% of employers google potential candidates before they invite them for an interview. It's true and it makes a difference when someone else is looking at your work especially when your work is accessible online. Your own website or blog functions as a resume, it's just better. Take ePortfolios, for example, students put more effort into building them when they know their professors or recruiters are checking their work at the end of the semester. 

Whether it is for personal or professional reasons, or even for any other reason, having your own website will certainly boost your motivation to create, create your own content which will inevitably attract someone's attention. 

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I am an ePortfolio instructor working in New York City. I am also a student in the MA program in educational psychology at Hunter College. In my current position, I instruct students how to develop and build their ePortfolio to showcase their academic skills. I also collaborate in professional development seminars with faculty members from various departments on building the curriculum to teach the first year seminar experience. Read more about me.