I'm Pablo. I work at the Center for Teaching and Learning at LaGuardia Community College (CUNY) as the Associate Director of ePortfolio and Digital Learning. I work with faculty, students, and staff from across the college in initiatives designed to increase student success. I also produce video content related to education. I am doctoral student in the higher and postsecondary education program at Teachers College in Columbia University. Overall, my professional experience in higher education includes faculty development, cross-divisional partnerships and collaborations, technology in the classroom, and data & assessment tools. Below is my career in numbers:


Is the number of years I have worked in higher education in different capacities. I've collaborated with faculty, staff and have been part of cross-divisional and college-wide initiatives aimed at student success.


Is the number of training and professional development sessions I've co-designed and co-delivered to faculty and student mentors over the last 3 years only. During the 2018-19 academic year, I am the co-leader of 4 professional development seminars for faculty only.


Is the number of faculty from multiple disciplines I've worked with in a seminar context ranging from first-year to capstone pedagogy over the last 3 years only.


Is the number of staff I supervise now who work with faculty and students from across the College. Along with my team, we provide college-wide support to faculty in using and implementing the ePortfolio pedagogy.